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America the Beautiful

Provides useful history, fun facts, geography, economics, government, culture, and major
cities, plus biographical profiles from all fifty United States and U.S. territories. Also includes
photographs, illustrations, maps, and more for each state.

Grolier Online Encyclopedia (English and Spanish)

Includes an interactive atlas providing geopolitical, historical, and thematic maps, as
well as gives coordinates and measures distances; a dictionary and thesaurus; a
Today - Highlighting important birthdays, historical events, and much
more. Also includes a For Educators section - Links to lesson plans and ideas
that follow national standards.

Lands and People

A fun and educational encyclopedia of countries, cultures, and current events. Each
article describes a country's land, people, economy, history, and government. Check out the
current news stories, atlas, and educational games including puzzles and brain teasers.

ABC-CLIO databases (These all need username: khcpl and
password: patron)

American Government

Explains the foundations of our government, connects these concepts to the issues of the
day, and examines the strengths and weaknesses of the political and economic
systems of the United States by comparing them to those of other countries. It
contains over 13,000 primary and secondary sources, and presents over 2.200

World Geography: Understanding a Changing World

Focuses on the geographical, political, social, economic, and cultural forces in our
globalized world. It contains almost 200 overviews of countries around the
world, plus more than 500 maps, including political and topographical by
country and world region, along with more than 1,700 biographies of important
political and cultural figures.

World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras

Covers human history in all corners of the globe - from prehistoric times to the beginnings of the
Renaissance. Features nearly 6,600 primary and secondary sources, and 1,200
biographies of important figures such as Alexander the Great, Confucius,
William the Conqueror, and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy

Provides a virtual textbook that covers religion across the globe, featuring more than 50 religion
overviews, covering such topics as agnosticism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam,
Judaism, and Shinto. It contains thousands of primary sources, including
images, video, and documents.

Gale databases

Biography in Context

Combines more than 600,000 biographies on people throughout history, around the world, and across
all disciplines and subject areas. Includes full-text articles from nearly 300 periodicals.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Provides full-text access to hundreds of multi-disciplinary reference titles including the
American Decades series, Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Encyclopedia of
Religion, Encyclopedia of World Biography, Novels for Students, Shakespeare for
Students, and West's Encyclopedia of American Law, among many more. PDFs can be
downloaded to e-readers.

Science in Context

Contains thousands of topic overviews, experiments, biographies, pictures, and illustrations. The
latest scientific developments are covered in articles from over 200 magazines
and academic journals and links to quality websites. The database covers curriculum-related
topics and offers teachers and easy-to-use tool to identify content directly correlated to state and national standards.


Provides details of the history, daily life, and customs of world cultures. Reports typically
include a regional overview, national anthem audio file, maps, statistics,
photographs, biographies of well-known people, and a recipe collection.


A collection of full-text Hispanic magazines in Spanish that cover business, health,
technology, culture, current topics, and other subjects.


INSPIRE is Indiana's Virtual Library. INSPIRE is a collection of academic databases
and other information sources that can be accessed by Indiana residents within the
state. INSPIRE includes magazine and journal articles, websites, pamphlets, images,
almanacs, library catalogs, and more.

Mango Languages

Focuses on teaching actual conversation skills for a wide variety of languages.
Each lesson combines real-life situations and audio from native speakers with an
easy-to-follow interface and simple, clear instructions. Over 37 languages
offered, including ESL.

National Geographic Kids

Introduces kids to the amazing, compelling, and surprising with reputable authoritative, and
age-appropriate content that brings them the world in a way they've never seen
it before. Fun and substantive, National Geographic Kids will take them on
amazing adventures in science, nature, culture, archaeology, and space.
Includes National Geographic Kids magazine 2009-present. It also contains 200
National Geographic Kids books and 500 kid-friendly, downloadable images.

World Book Encyclopedia (English and Spanish)

Features the entire World Book Encyclopedia, a dictionary, and local and country research
guides. There are thousands of complete eBooks and primary source documents. The eBooks
include full-text English-language versions in the areas of fiction and
non-fiction, as well as books in other languages. Primary sources include
official documents, letters, books, speeches, articles, records, interviews,
and images from the time period being researched.

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