Spanish Resources


  • Encourage your child to study both old and new vocabulary at least 15 minutes a day, learning Spanish is a building process over time.

  • Flash cards are also a great resource and a way to study vocabulary at home.

  • Look for activities in the community that support language learning such as cultural events related to Spanish.

  • Dual Language books are available in the CMIS Library and can be checked out by any student to improve reading comprehension.

Middle Level Language Learners (Grades 6-8) *Can also be used for High School Language Learners

Qué onda Spanish- Vocabulary Games-

"Mi vida loca" ( is a site where students can practice vocabulary and grammar with multiple activities. If Wifi is not available at home the students can print the activities at school.

Señor Wooly- Songs, games, and readings- Teachers can create free accounts for their students.

Basho and Friends- Songs for learning Spanish-

Quia ( and Maestro Spanish ( are also good sites where students can play games to practice their vocabulary.

*Duolingo- Games for learning Spanish- can be used as an app on a phone or a computer

*Mango Languages- Language learning activities-

^^ Can be accessed for free if you have a Kokomo Howard County Public Library Card

Scholastic- Vocabulary games-

If you have access to Spanish movies and TV it is a great idea to watch it, even if your child doesn't understand everything it will improve listening comprehension over time.

In addition to the practice time devoted to Achieve 3000 in Spanish class each week your child can practice as many times as he/she would like at home.

  • Some strategies for helping with Achieve 3000 Spanish include: Have your child search for topics in Spanish that interest him/her, when reading, make a list of words that are unknown or that re-occur over time and look them up when done, after reading the article in Spanish and answering the questions look for that same article in English and read it again.

  • All teachers will be offering either after school or in class reading strategies for Achieve 3000 Spanish Vocabulary, grammar activities, and songs-

*Spark Enthusiasm- Videos, cultural information, and websites-

*E-spanyol- Games and Quizzes for grammar and vocabulary-

* Duolingo for Spanish is an app that can be used on smartphones and on any computer.


  • After school tutoring can be arranged with individual teachers.

  • Beyond Borders, a local downtown business owned by former Spanish Teacher DeAndra Beard offers Spanish classes and tutoring. Her telephone number is 271-5537. More information can be found at the site

Additional Resources for Parents

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages- Proficiency guidelines-

Mira Canion- Mini novels by Canion are read in the 6th-8th grade levels- Purchase additional books for your child to read-

Dr. Helena Curtain- Book- Children and Languages Making the Match, New Languages for Young Learners, K-8- Can be ordered on Amazon- Explains how languages are learned and good techniques for teaching them. Good activities that can be reinforced at home.

Indiana Network for Early Language Learning- Advocacy and support for early language learning, K-8. Hosts two annual Saturday workshops in the spring and fall. Located in Indianapolis. Parents are welcome to attend. Past Topics have include teaching languages to gifted students, students with special needs, technology, and storytelling-

National Network for Early Language Learning- Read about the latest news on language learning and policy-

Foreign Languages for Everyone- Resources for teaching Languages to students with special needs-

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